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Bobbi Jo Toy started more than 15 years ago to “lift” people through the choices and challenges of life and work. Her experiences since starting Toy Communication® have intensified her motivation to help individuals live more energetically. Toy Communication® has achieved this by providing personalized services that support and challenge clients through change and hold them accountable to their goal. Toy Communication® is an organization specifically designed to respond to the complex, individual life.

Bobbi Jo uses the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® regularly to provide positive, constructive information that promotes growth in companies, individuals and personal relationships. A type enthusiast, Bobbi Jo Toy (ENFP) has been a “type-watcher” for more than 20 years and recognizes the positive effects that type has on people. MBTI® provides an important tool for Toy Communication® to respond and to positively impact the loss and change in people’s lives.

As the Toy Communication® has grown and developed, Bobbi Jo was inspired to design Life Lifts® by Toy. This special service provides individually designed coaching sessions that build confidence, improve communication, achieve goals and make you feel better! A sample of the services that a client might include would be: Employment Counseling, Life Mapping, MBTI® Interpretation, Surviving Change and loss, Eldercare Advising, Organizing, Time Management, Team Building and Improving Relationships. It will be necessary to throw things out and paint your walls to reflect the changing you!

Toy Communication® now has more than 10 years experience successfully coaching clients through personal growth and life change. A life-long resident of Eau Claire, Bobbi Jo uses this community network to connect clients with resources. By establishing these connections through small and large group presentations, or individual appointments, people improve the quality of their life and their communication at home and in the work place and feel better about them selves.

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